Remember Nature, Kynance Cove (green)


A transient Manifesto, fashioned from a discarded child’s green plastic rake and wiped away by a rippling wave on the incoming tide. Coined by revolutionary artist, Gustav Metzger; “Remember Nature” underpins my practice.

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Remember Nature, Kynance Cove is part of the Deep Time: Rock, Sea, Sky series. This series consists of twelve limited edition prints. All are four-colour screenprints on Southbank paper and were made in my garage studio.

Made in January and February 2021 during the second Covid lock-down and inspired by residencies on the slopes of Bodmin Moor and on The Lizard in Cornwall whilst I was briefly free to travel.  There, fractured and multi-coloured rocks dating back to Gondwanaland present to the sky and the ocean. Drawing on strong feelings of bearing witness to infinite connections linking past, present and future, the series is a meditation on impermanence, of scale, time and process as the Anthropocene gathers pace with little sign of a fundamental realignment with nature by humanity.  It is time to Remember Nature!

The price is for the print unframed.

Year: 2022

Medium: Screenprint

Dimensions: 50 x 35 cms (paper), 42 x 24.5 cm (image)

Edition of: 4


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