Journey to Hopeful Futures: A Handbook


With Journey to Hopeful Futures, Helena Kettleborough offers a transformative new approach to reimagining a world which respects and restores the natural systems on which life depends. At a time when the imminent destruction of our planet can feel overwhelming, Helena invites the reader to re-energise, re-think and embark with her on a unique journey of hopeful discovery.

This journey involves self, community, planet and cosmos. Having worked as a community activist and teacher for three decades, Helena specialises in creating new spaces within the home, workplace and academy for spiritual reflection. Here, she shares that knowledge with us in a creative, important handbook aimed at nurturing new paradigms — which respect and restore the natural systems on which life depends

— a world of love, equality and social justice within our living planet and sacred cosmos.

Through personal stories, research, life-experience, community and spiritual practice, she offers a unique space within which the reader can question, learn and reflect, signposting to an extensive range of resources.

The handbook provides a practical toolkit of creative exercises and personal actions to revive our lives, and the world around us — vital steps towards overcoming the daily challenges we all face and to creating new, hopeful futures.

About the author

Helena Kettleborough is a writer, speaker and advocate for social and environmental change. Holding a Master’s in responsible enterprise and a PhD in management, learning and leadership, she has worked extensively for equalities, community development and neighbourhood regeneration.




“Hope in a time of increasingly traumatic disruption is an elusive quality, but Kettleborough offers us that emotional support, with impressive realism and total integrity. I much enjoyed this book.”

Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder Forum for the Future, author and campaigner


“Journey of Hopeful Futures is a guide to once again find humanity’s place in a living earth, to rediscover our relations as members of the earth community, reclaim the sacred and through participation in living processes, regenerate Gaia.”

Vandana Shiva, Ecologist, Philosopher, Physicist & Ecofeminist; Founder of the Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology and of Navdanya, the seed saving movement


“This book is a must read!… Her suggestions for participatory actions will engage the reader with actionable solutions.”

Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University, Co-Author, Journey of the Universe


“This handbook is a rich and stimulating sourcebook for people seeking to live into and help generate hopeful futures for us all.”

Judi Marshall, Professor Emerita in Learning and Leadership, Lancaster University


Praise for Journey to Hopeful Futures: A Handbook

“Dr Kettleborough has written this comprehensively researched handbook full of practical examples to help each of us as individuals to connect with the cosmos and be part of the changes we want to see on a global scale.  It’s an optimistic, readable book with hope embedded in every page – hope for the planet; hope for humanity; hope for each of us.”

Lindy Kelly, Executive Director, Groundwork London & Groundwork South


“There is the small, highly focussed, reductionist window through which we can view reality, which matters as it can be very practical. But there is also the big picture. One that sets the whole shebang in the context of Thomas Berry’s “new universe story”. It conveys meaning, proportion and a sense of worthwhile direction in living. Such is what Helena Kettleborough explores in this book. In a manner that is scholarly yet helpful, pensive but applied, she provides a map to help her readers chart a course through stars.” 

Professor Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul, Spiritual Activism and Poacher’s Pilgrimage.


“Local communities around the world are caught in the dangerous riptides of ecological crises producing social and economic ruptures that are unprecedented and not of their making. What to do in practical terms? Working together at the local level, with care, compassion, and co-creativity providing the guiderails, as Helena advocates, has to be an essential part of the solution. With a richness of resources and practical exercises to hold hands, hold each other, and hold together along personal and collective journeys of hopeful futures, this book facilitates learners and co-workers from right across our wonderfully rich and diverse communities to work together to fashion alternative futures and take collective action. It is a beautifully optimistic book, and just what we need right now”.

Sally Randles, Professor in Sustainability and Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University.


” Kettleborough offers us a toolkit for life journeys in incredibly difficult times, helping us see ourselves as an integral part of the unfolding cosmic drama; anyone can walk the path, feel the magnificence, share in the joy. This book is an inquiry that can be transformative. It begins with the simple and the small and carries the capacity to take us all the way to celebrate the sacred in all that we can see, feel, touch and immerse ourselves in.”

Jagdish Rattanani, Journalist, Foundation of The Billion Press; teacher in communications and ethics, SPJIMR, Mumbai, India; Director, ASP, UK.


“I have huge admiration for the way Helena Kettleborough has pursued her quest for a different, participatory way of being in the world ethically, intellectually, practically, and spiritually over many years. She is right to claim that she continues to ‘walk her talk’. This is a truly attractive book, profound but clearly written, which will be a valuable resource to readers in many different walks of life.”

Peter Reason, ‘Writer, Emeritus Professor University of Bath


“This is a survivor’s manual, a guidebook for leaving the Anthropocene – the bitter dominion of greed over the sweetness of life. Speaking to the hand, and to the heart, ‘Journey to Hopeful Futures’ teaches us how to start inhabiting a new world, which is no longer separated in mute things and lone, bored and violent dominators. Helena Kettleborough bridges the chasm between contemporary western humans and the bleak image they paint of the cosmos. She shows – and in fact gives detailed instructions – how to re-animate the world we co-inhabit with the remainder of life, and thus ultimately how to re-animate ourselves. “Journey to Hopeful Futures” should be in the readings shortlist of every course in Environmental Humanities, Anthropology, and Ecology.”

Andreas Weber, biologist, ecophilosopher and nature writer


“Journey to Hopeful Futures is a well-researched, thoughtful, and grounded handbook that invites readers to reflect on their personal and communal learning journeys as active participants in the making of tomorrow. Informative and inspirational, Kettleborough helps us explore ways to slow down in order to witness, inquire, imagine, and practically engage in possibilities of hope in uncertain times.”

Dr. Maria Liu Wong, Co-Chair, PASCAL Faith and Spirituality Learning Cities Network; Provost, City Seminary of New York



Publication Details:

Book information

Publication Date 1 June 2023

ISBN                     9781916300811

Dimensions          229 x 152mm

Extent                 486 pages

RRP                     £19.99

Thema                 RN

Rights                  Worldwide

Ebook                  .epub

Published by Centre for Connected Practice, supported by SilverWood Books


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