3 Days of Summer


A powerful novel about a young woman’s coming of age.  Set on the Wild Atlantic Way in the middle of the last century, the reader is gripped by the novel’s intensity as Breena lives through just three days of summer…

Told through Breena’s eyes, we share her internal turmoil as she wrestles with family expectations, external events, her emotions and her dreams for a wider world that beckons as she experiences death and life for the first time.

The novel is also a homage to the values and rituals of a community embedded in the land and the sea which has much to teach us all these years later.




“It felt an absolute privilege to read this. For me, it is a little gem, a jewel. It is minutely observed, the characterisation is really very good, and I just loved it.”

Sarah Bird, Editorial Consultant

Praise for C. J. Allan’s first book, Gerald and Breena & Rose published by Faber & Faber:

“Here in one volume are two short novels dew-fresh in themes and very readable.”
Daily Mirror

“Catherine Allan has written two unusual stories which bite off attention with sharp, compact-concrete economy.”
Sunday Times

“This book is beautifully written, with penetrating insights and evoking pictures in the mind as one reads.”
Church Times

“The two novellas have a deceptively simple clarity and directness and (for a new writer) a remarkable authority … the impressive thing is the core of psychological or even anthropological toughness they conceal.”

“Allan has the steady ripple of the story-teller.”
Books and Bookman

“C. J. Allan here provides us with a sympathetic and adult view of childhood”.
Oxford Mail

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First published in 2020 by the Centre for Connected Practice, Manchester, UK


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Three Days of Summer

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