Closing Chapter Two and on to Chapter Three!

Following the death of our long-standing MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman in 2017, Creative Rusholme set out to encourage community groups and local organisations to plant 47 trees – one for each year he represented the area in Parliament.  By June 2021, we were able to celebrate the achievement of this objective and his successor, Afzal […]

Blog: “Humanity has opened the gates of Hell […] Our focus here is on climate solutions – and our task is urgent”

Speaking to the General Assembly in New York last week, António Guterres, General Secretary of the United Nations, called for a Climate Solidary Pact, where those emitting most make renewed efforts to stop burning carbon The proposed Pact would see all countries taking extra efforts to reduce emissions, wealthier nations and international financial institutions providing […]

Blog: Earth as Community – The Waters Are Coming.

How can we as humans make sea level rise less of an abstract, far away concept and more visible to ourselves as a real and present challenge? But how can we do this without being overcome by paralysis that the challenges are too big for us as individuals to cope with? How can we learn […]

Blog: Earth as Community – The Ice is Melting.

 In tidying out some of my boxes of resources I came across a National Geographic Magazine from 2013. Its cover title was: Rising Seas. But the biggest part is an extended fold out world map showing what will happen if all the ice in the world melts. Firstly, sea levels will rise by 216 feet. […]

Blog: A buzzing Sustainability Festival at Manchester Metropolitan University

I really enjoyed this packed day with speakers and a wide range of stalls, many of them from the Manchester area.  I’d like to share some of their amazing and positive work with you. The Department of Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability (SES) at MMU –   my teaching home – which organised the day had a […]

Blog: Lighting candles in the gloom

The stories from around the world concerning the environment are challenging. Images of tourists fleeing the fires in Greece are now followed by the grim stories of the residents in Hawaii who died because they were overwhelmed by the fires in their home town of Lahaina. The death toll continues to rise. In Italy, extreme weather […]

Blog: Of carbon footprints and new borders

The Dublin launch of Journey to Hopeful Futures: a Handbook was not Manchester  but across the Irish sea!  The first challenge was how to get my books to Dublin! I sent two boxes of books using a delivery company – post Brexit, a complicated procedure involving completing custom forms, finding the codes for importing books, […]

Blog: Manchester launch of Journey to Hopeful Futures at Sustainability Festival

The launch of my book Journey to Hopeful Futures: A Handbook Took place on 16th June 2023 at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Sustainability Festival. It was a happy event, with many stalls from environmental groups and businesses and  a wide variety of speakers. Around the room were posters, including some from the Post Graduate […]

Blog: IADC sets standards for community development in the climate emergency

Right now, the Mediterranean is on fire and scientists have today confirmed that this is as a result of climate change. Local communities from the Greek Islands to Spain are mobilising to try to protect their communities and to look after the vulnerable. This year, the International Association for Community Development  (IACD) celebrates its 70th […]