This is the second event in the Cosmology, Ecology and Theology series organised by the Institute for Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester and will take place on Wednesday 16th May.  It is not necessary to have attended/ to attend all three events.  Booking details at the link above.

A Pilgrimage for Gaia with Dr Helena Kettleborough, Centre for Connected Practice & Manchester Metropolitan University School of Management
This will be an interactive workshop which aims to engage participants in bearing witness to the sixth global extinction event taking place all around us, encourage a contemplative response and culminate in empowering participants to take action, whether at individual, family, community or institutional level.

A multi-media experience, it will stimulate creativity and introduce approaches to God’s creation from the major world faiths as a means for participant’s to engage emotionally and intellectually and to reach a spiritual response to the anger, grief and helplessness which affect so many of us as we consider the challenges facing Gaia