Who We are

The Centre for Connected Practice is an unincorporated organisation established by two principals. As it grows we will consider new legal models, but initially our aim is to work with others to build ideas and to facilitate change.

Helena Kettleborough
Helena worked all her life in community development and regeneration, working with the potential for change within communities and our collective abilities to create new possibilities for ourselves and our neighbourhoods.
Helena has been collecting cuttings on biodiversity loss, social justice issues, the cosmos and climate change, her bedrock of practice, and knows both that we need to change and that we have many successful ideas and dreams for our planet.
Helena completed her PhD in 2014 from Lancaster University Business School, a first person inquiry into joining self, community, planet and cosmos.

Phil Barton
Phil was, until recently, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy which campaigns and supports citizens and others to love where they live, improving the places where they live, preventing waste and respecting one another and the environment.
Over a career of 35 years he has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors in the United Kingdom to build partnerships and empower people to value and improve their local environments, to take positive action and to work together to achieve more.
Despite many successful initiatives and actions, our fundamental approach to the environment as a society has not changed throughout that time.

Phil has helped found the Centre for Connected Practice as a vehicle to promote new approaches to raising awareness and stimulating the adoption of new ways of knowing to complement the practical achievements of countless community and not for profit organisations in bringing about change.

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