Our Starting Point

All current evidence is that we are sleepwalking towards disaster.  The carrying capacity of the Earth has been exceeded since the 1950s and the conventional wisdom of the past four decades – economic growth and liberalisation – coupled with population growth means that we have a collective responsibility to change.  We are setting out to build on our own experience in the UK local government, NGO and partnership sectors to set out new approaches and means of engagement which encourage new ways of thinking and acting.   The Centre for Connected Practice stats from some fundamental values:

  • Humanity shares the planet with the ‘other than human’ world and must value, respect and cherish it 
  • Without social justice, participation and inclusion, we will be unable to meet fundamental challenges
  • Everyone has a spiritual core, best cherished by constant enquiry, reflection and learning
  • Our planet is an almost miraculous entity which, together with the evolution of reason in humans, has taken 13.6 billion years to emerge; seeing life in that context will help to build new perspectives and approaches.

About Us – Our AimsWho We Are

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