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Dreaming the Earth

We all of us, plants, animals, insects and humans live on and share our pale blue dot– Planet Earth – as she spins through Laniakea in an ever expanding Universe.

We have a common cause in maintaining the complex balance of Gaian systems to nourish andsustain us all.



But humanity has chosen, at least in the West, to dominate and use those systems, to ‘do to’ one another and the natural world rather than to ‘do with’ and to adopt increasingly human centered, short-term, specialised and exploitative approaches to life on Earth.

At the Centre for Connected Practice we want to explore new ways of knowing.  To create connections, not divisions. To envisage a different future where enough is enough.  Where our organisations, economies and governance  have creativity, connection, spirituality, community, social justice and environmental sustainability at their heart. Where quality of life for all Gaia’s residents is the force that drives society.



The challenge is immense.  Many are developing new ways of knowing, exploring different world views, reducing their environmental footprint, searching for a different way.  We hope that the Centre can encourage new connections, new networks, new knowledge sharing across professional and academic boundaries.  We hope that you will connect with the Center for Connected Practice and help build a sustainable future together.

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