Death and Life work by artist Phil Barton shown in Hebden Bridge

An exhibition at Wainsgate Chapel above Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire took place as part of the Hebden Bridge Open Studios weekend in early July.

Working on the relationship between the Victorian ‘residents’ of this fascinating Baptist graveyard and the present ‘other than human’ residents of the graveyard today, screenprinted banners were hung at nine selected gravestones.

Twice a day Phil gave a ‘Death and Life Walk’ performance dressed as a nonconformist clergyman of the early Victorian period drawing our connections between the two sets of residents and the need for us to remember Nature.  More than 50 people attended the performances.

RENEW NW publications archived

Tony Baldwinson, former Project Leader at the NWDA’s RENEW NW, has gathered together the organisation’s principal publications under a collective commons licence. RENEW NW was active from 2004 to 2008 and promoted inter-disciplinery skills and knowledge amongst regeneration professionals and communities in North West England in support of building more Sustainable Communities, bringing together practitioners in the built environment, health, employment, neighbouthood management, transport and so on.

The publications can be found here

Lasting legacies from the programme include Places Matter!  whilst Neighbourhoods North West was closed by the incoming Coalition Government in 2011.

[Re]Cycling Tree hosted at Kells Gardens, County Kerry

Th20170531_112345_HDRis summer Phil Barton’s installation, [Re]Cycling Tree will installed in Kells Gardens on the Ring of Kerry in south west Ireland.  Originally shown in All Saints Park, Manchester for a month last year, the installation shows the vital life support functions offered freely to humanity by deciduous trees.

Kells Gardens, a sub-tropical paradise  if famous for its naturalised tree fern forest and will be showing for the first time in 2018 at Chealsea Flower Show.

Phil will be installing [Re]Cycling Tree over the weekend of 26th May where it will remain until August

Helena to lead a ‘Pilgrimage for Gaia at Winchester University

This is the second event in the Cosmology, Ecology and Theology series organised by the Institute for Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester and will take place on Wednesday 16th May.  It is not necessary to have attended/ to attend all three events.  Booking details at the link above.

A Pilgrimage for Gaia with Dr Helena Kettleborough, Centre for Connected Practice & Manchester Metropolitan University School of Management
This will be an interactive workshop which aims to engage participants in bearing witness to the sixth global extinction event taking place all around us, encourage a contemplative response and culminate in empowering participants to take action, whether at individual, family, community or institutional level.

A multi-media experience, it will stimulate creativity and introduce approaches to God’s creation from the major world faiths as a means for participant’s to engage emotionally and intellectually and to reach a spiritual response to the anger, grief and helplessness which affect so many of us as we consider the challenges facing Gaia

Rubbish Night At The Museum!

Do residents in Manchester have to live surrounded by rubbish? Or can we change it?

If you care about Manchester, our neighbourhoods, our communities, and our international reputation, then let’s talk about rubbish.

Phil Barton will be on the panel helping to lead a discussion on the future for rubbish, waste and litter in Manchester and will also be providing two screen printed panels highlighting the issues we face.

More details

Date & Time: 19 April, 2018 – 18:00 to 21:00
Venue: Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL

Remember Nature success

20180201_180934_HDRArtists Katy Suggitt & Phil Barton’s Remember Nature exhibition at Islington Mill closed on Sunday after a four day run.

Well received, the work, all inspired by the Day of Action to Rememb20180202_124318_HDRer Nature called by Phil last November 4th, was by artists who took part in that day – Lydia Swinney, Walter Bianchini, Aj Woods along with Katy & Phil.

For a virtual tour of the show, please click below:

Remember Nature Exhibition 1st – 4th February; All Welcome!

20171104_132411_HDRArtists Phil Barton and Katy Suggitt have organised an exhibition at Islington Mill in Salford following on from the successful Day of Action to Remember Nature held there on 4th November 2017, two years to the day since Gustav Metzger’s Worldwide Call for Action to Remember Nature..  Event flyer: Exhibition flyer v2

Working with artists from Manchester School of Art and Salford 20171104_142928_HDRUniversity’s Faculty of Arts & Media, the show explores humankind’s relationship with the natural world and the materiality of that interaction.


001 (5)Private view (all welcome): Thursday 1st February 5.30 – 8.30

Open Friday 2nd February Noon – 6.00; Saturday 3rd February Noon – 6.00 & Sunday 4th February Noon – 5.00

All welcome.  Find Islington Mill here


Exploring a new paradigm for learning and teaching: A participatory seminar

Dr Helena Kettleborough is running a participatory seminar in the School of Education at Glasgow University on Tuesday 30th January at 12.30.  For full details and to register, click here.

There is a range of scientific evidence about the harm being done to the natural world. Cebellos et al. (2017) argue for a two to three-decade window to do something meaningful about biodiversity loss. In this seminar, Helena Kettleborough explores how we might look at learning anew through the eyes of the planet and the cosmos and see how learning might be delivered differently.

She takes as inspiration American philosopher Thomas Berry, a lifelong Catholic priest who came to see, at the end of his life, that all life and the planet are part of an interconnected sacred cosmos. He worked with his colleague, cosmologist Brian Swimme, to write the New Universe Story in 1992. Two decades later, Swimme went to collaborate with Mary Evelyn Tucker to create the film ‘The Journey of the Universe’ and a book of the same name. Drawing on experience in delivering learning within a wider paradigm to community members, senior citizens, members of faith communities, academic audiences and sustainability activists, Helena will consider with seminar participants a number of questions.

How might the notion of a sacred cosmos and planet change the worldview of learning?  If ‘a learning city can be characterised as one in which communities attempt to learn collectively to change their own futures’ (Osborne, 2017) how does this change through altering worldviews and paradigms? How might the idea of a shift in the paradigm for learning impact on the work of the PASCAL International Observatory and its Learning Cities Network?

“Remember Nature” Workshop at The Whitworth

001 (5)On Saturday 18th November Phil Barton will be running a workshop at The Whitworth art gallery within sight of Gustav Metzger’s “Flailing Trees” sculpture which was destroyed earlier this year as the artist would have wished.

On the theme of “Remember Nature”, Phil will speak on the work and legacy of Gustav Metzger  who died in in March before making the final piece of his work “Out of sight, Out of mind” which is on display at Islington Mill in Salford.  Artist Katy Suggett will also work on her “Mountains’ series.

20170814_104332_HDRParticipants will be asked to explore nature in the Gallery and the park and to record their experience.

The workshop will run from 1.00 to 3.00.