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20180201_180934_HDRArtists Katy Suggitt & Phil Barton’s Remember Nature exhibition at Islington Mill closed on Sunday after a four day run.

Well received, the work, all inspired by the Day of Action to Rememb20180202_124318_HDRer Nature called by Phil last November 4th, was by artists who took part in that day – Lydia Swinney, Walter Bianchini, Aj Woods along with Katy & Phil.

For a virtual tour of the show, please click below:

Remember Nature Exhibition 1st – 4th February; All Welcome!

20171104_132411_HDRArtists Phil Barton and Katy Suggitt have organised an exhibition at Islington Mill in Salford following on from the successful Day of Action to Remember Nature held there on 4th November 2017, two years to the day since Gustav Metzger’s Worldwide Call for Action to Remember Nature..  Event flyer: Exhibition flyer v2

Working with artists from Manchester School of Art and Salford 20171104_142928_HDRUniversity’s Faculty of Arts & Media, the show explores humankind’s relationship with the natural world and the materiality of that interaction.


001 (5)Private view (all welcome): Thursday 1st February 5.30 – 8.30

Open Friday 2nd February Noon – 6.00; Saturday 3rd February Noon – 6.00 & Sunday 4th February Noon – 5.00

All welcome.  Find Islington Mill here


Exploring a new paradigm for learning and teaching: A participatory seminar

Dr Helena Kettleborough is running a participatory seminar in the School of Education at Glasgow University on Tuesday 30th January at 12.30.  For full details and to register, click here.

There is a range of scientific evidence about the harm being done to the natural world. Cebellos et al. (2017) argue for a two to three-decade window to do something meaningful about biodiversity loss. In this seminar, Helena Kettleborough explores how we might look at learning anew through the eyes of the planet and the cosmos and see how learning might be delivered differently.

She takes as inspiration American philosopher Thomas Berry, a lifelong Catholic priest who came to see, at the end of his life, that all life and the planet are part of an interconnected sacred cosmos. He worked with his colleague, cosmologist Brian Swimme, to write the New Universe Story in 1992. Two decades later, Swimme went to collaborate with Mary Evelyn Tucker to create the film ‘The Journey of the Universe’ and a book of the same name. Drawing on experience in delivering learning within a wider paradigm to community members, senior citizens, members of faith communities, academic audiences and sustainability activists, Helena will consider with seminar participants a number of questions.

How might the notion of a sacred cosmos and planet change the worldview of learning?  If ‘a learning city can be characterised as one in which communities attempt to learn collectively to change their own futures’ (Osborne, 2017) how does this change through altering worldviews and paradigms? How might the idea of a shift in the paradigm for learning impact on the work of the PASCAL International Observatory and its Learning Cities Network?

“Remember Nature” Workshop at The Whitworth

001 (5)On Saturday 18th November Phil Barton will be running a workshop at The Whitworth art gallery within sight of Gustav Metzger’s “Flailing Trees” sculpture which was destroyed earlier this year as the artist would have wished.

On the theme of “Remember Nature”, Phil will speak on the work and legacy of Gustav Metzger  who died in in March before making the final piece of his work “Out of sight, Out of mind” which is on display at Islington Mill in Salford.  Artist Katy Suggett will also work on her “Mountains’ series.

20170814_104332_HDRParticipants will be asked to explore nature in the Gallery and the park and to record their experience.

The workshop will run from 1.00 to 3.00.

Successful Day of Action to Remember Nature at Islington Mill

RememberNature046Two years on from artist Gustav Metzger’s Worldwide Call for Action to Remember Nature Phil Barton organised a day at which artists and students from both Salford University and manchester School of Art worked together to Remember Nature

Artists Katy Suggett, Walter Bianchini and Lydia Swinney, along 20171104_132411_HDR20171104_142928_HDRwith Phil, made artworks on the day.

20171105_150019_HDR20171104_132419_HDRPhil also published a Remember Nature Manifesto, building on Metzger’s legacy:


Nature no longer exists separate from humankind – humans have altered every part of Nature throughout the Earth.

Humankind cannot exist without Nature.

In this post-industrial, post-truth global society we have forgotten this.  We have embarked on our own auto-destructive process.  When the disintegrative process is complete, humankind will have been removed from the planet and scrapped.  Nature will re-assert herself and set about countering the human driven sixth great extinction and, over millennia, the anthropocene age will be superseded in the geological record by new eras.

Remember Nature.

Humankind can choose instead to adopt an auto-creative, ecological approach to Nature.  One where we work alongside the other than human world; where we value all life on this planet and not just our own; where our reason, technologies and behaviours align with Nature and do not seek to dominate.

The artist must lead the way.  Auto-creative art is the art of change, movement, growth – the art of Nature.  Our ‘Pale Blue Dot’ – a speck of dust in the vastness of the cosmos – becomes the focus of our art, our society, our economy, our science.  We create with Nature.  We do not ignore, dominate, extinguish Nature.

Auto-creative art honours and respects Nature.  It challenges dominant political, religious, economic, media and academic paradigms which ignore, override or devalue Nature.

Auto-creative ecological art Remembers Nature.

Phil BartonIslington Mill

Manchester/Salford          4th November 2017

In Memoriam Gustav Metzger, Auto-Destructive Artist

001 (5)Call for Action to Remember Nature.

Artist Phil Barton has announced a call for action in Greater Manchester and beyond commencing on 4th November 2017, two years on from Gustav Metzger’s original call issued in London.  Metzger died earlier this year and shortly afterwards his ‘Flailing Trees’ auto-destructed in Whitworth Park, Manchester.

You can find out more on Facebook @NatureRemember or e-mail at